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Books by Lula Adams

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True Stories, More Amazing than Fiction

These testimonies tell how God is moving in power today. A pastor discovers a long-standing heart problem, but before it is surgically resolved, his heart stops. He experiences  another reality and comes back with a new perspective. Read about a woman who goes through chemotherapy, almost dies, and is healed with a prophetic art drawing. These true stores and more may help you prepare for your miracle!

Lula Adams’ love for Jesus, art, and horses merge in this beautiful book of painted horses with commentary. Young people will enjoy the paintings and dive into the explanations to find out the deeper meanings of the colors and shapes in the pictures. They will discover new understanding and appreciation of God through the artist’s mind and heart. This book will take readers on an adventure of the imagination through the senses.

There are messages of joy and love in heaven waiting to find expression in art, still waiting to be released on earth. The lessons in this book will help you discover how to produce art that heals, brings joy, and reveals God’s heart to the world. Find out how to produce art that glorifies Jesus.

Look at the colorful art and reflect on the poetry and stories as you step into God’s presence and learn more about the Holy Spirit. Allow the inspired art and words to stir hope and joy in your heart. Take the time to write and even draw your thoughts and impressions. Discover a deeper place of intimacy with God.